Vegetable Oils

One of the many reasons we’re a market leader with thousands of customers is our exceptional range of oils. Each is carefully selected and sourced from refineries across South Africa. It’s earned us the reputation for excellence, both in service and delivery.  

Customers can choose exactly what they need, and have it delivered exactly when they need it.

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Key Features


Our facilities are centrally located, with world-class infrastructure, a fleet of vehicles and a diverse workforce.


We deal directly with leading refineries across South Africa, so we have the reputation and buying power to get the best quality product at the best price.


We choose to supply healthy choices such as sunflower, soya bean, and palm olein oils – rich in vitamins and naturally cholesterol free.


We offer a choice of 20L buckets or bulk supply, with frequent, reliable deliveries and free used cooking oil collection.

We supply a range of quality cooking oils straight to your door at prices that make sense.

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Cuisine Vegetable Oils

The natural choice for every kitchen.